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FREE webinar: How to run Reading Pathways lessons at home


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Join Lyn Stone for a free 1 hour webinar on the wonderful reading resource book, Reading Pathways. If you are teaching your child to read at home and they already know their alphabetic code, Reading Pathways is a great practice book to help them achieve fluency and more. It is a good idea to order the book to have on hand, but if it won’t reach you in time, it is still fine to come to the webinar. It will also be recorded so you can watch it when your book does arrive. The recommended place to order the book from is Book Depository. We do not stock copies of Reading Pathways at our practice. When: Tuesday May 5th, 11am Melbourne Australia time MEDIUM: Zoom – you can download the Zoom app at Suitable for: Primary school-aged children who know their basic alphabetic code but cannot yet read fluently. You will need:
  • A stable internet connection
  • Sound and vision on your device
  • The ability to join Zoom conferences (
How to make things run smoothly:
  • Your meeting ID is 836 0300 7695. Only those who have registered via this form will be allowed into the meeting.
  • We will send one reminder email out on the day of the webinar with the meeting ID again. Please do not email us asking for a link to the meeting. We do not have time to manually send links out to individuals.
  • The meeting locks at 11:05 am. If you arrive after this time, you will not be able to participate.
  • Please check your timezone. We are located in Australia, about as far away from Greenwich as you can be, which basically means we are ahead of you in time. So if the webinar is advertised on a Saturday, it might be Friday for you. It definitely won’t be Sunday (unless you’re in New Zealand). A good plan is to punch Melbourne into your weather app on your phone. It will tell you what time it is here at all times.
  • We mute your microphone when you join us, because we’re usually hosting hundreds of people, and all the clicking in the background gets very, noisy very fast. Please don’t unmute yourself unless we are in question time at the end. If you unmute prior to this and we can’t override it, we will have no choice but to put you into the waiting room.
  • If you are having trouble seeing or hearing us during the webinar, I’m afraid we can’t stop the webinar to help you out. It is almost certainly something on your end. We would be sorry to see you go during the webinar, but sometimes that’s all that is possible. Please try not to send messages about not being able to hear or see us, there’s nothing we can do and it interrupts the webinar for everyone else, such is tech. This is why we record the webinar and make it available afterwards, just in case the tech gods have decreed that  you can’t join in today.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, give it a low-stakes go first so you know a little bit about what is and isn’t possible. Call up a relative or a friend and mess about.  It’s quite simple once you get to know it and being familiar with it prior to the webinar will make it so much more enjoyable for you.
See you online really soon! Lyn and the Lifelong Literacy team  

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