Language Arts with Lyn Stone (St Monica's Wodonga)

Ages and Stages

The scope and sequence here is a guide to introducing grammatical concepts from Foundation to year 4, over a 5-30-point cycle per year level. This allows time for assessment, catching up during absence, consolidation of skills, intervention etc. over a whole year.

In the first unit, there is a download of the sentences that we are going to work on together at the webinar. They are taken from the unit of study: Space.

If you have done ‘Writing for Life’, the parts of speech section here will be familiar, but the exercises are new.

Emphasis is placed on solid early years teaching. If that is established and integrated with excellent phonics, handwriting, spelling and morphology teaching, by the time students enter Year 5, all that remains is to put this knowledge into increasing vocabulary and establishing ever more strategic approaches to written work across the curriculum.

Schools embarking on this without having established the suggested F-4 scope and sequence will need to redistribute the common concepts across the three domains for all children until each cohort has the requisite knowledge to progress at grade level.