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Apart from the crippling effects that dyslexia has in the classroom, diminished social and emotional wellbeing are often suffered by people with this condition. Their suffering is multiplied if, on top of it, they are not well taught.

Decades of discussion and refinement have led to much agreement on the definition, diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia. That’s not to say that the science on the condition is settled. In fact there are still many unanswered questions and, sadly, a lot of room for misinterpretation and misleading answers.

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Lyn Stone

Have you made any decisions about your dyslexic students (or ones who you suspect might be dyslexic) as a result of the information in this section? Share your experiences and/or queries. (Please note though, we cannot prescribe intervention programs for individual cases – we would need much, much more information on a case by case basis to provide advice ethically.) Leave your thoughts below.