First video: Some definitions (35 mins)

Books mentioned in the first video


an introduction to english morphology

Second video: Using Etymonline (12 mins)

Third video: Latin, Greek and Germanic (14 mins)

Fourth video: Words sums and matrices (16 minutes)

Morphology Masterclass Part 1: Where do we begin?


Please download the pdf below and use it to write your notes as the video progresses.

Edit June 30, 2023: The manual was missing the inflectional suffixes list. I have added it to the manual but I have also included it as a separate pdf if you have already printed the manual.

your manual for part 1

inflectional suffixes list

Video 2 resources


Video 3 resources

the history of english podcast

joining vowels article

Video 4 resources

mini matrix maker

word sums article from wordworks

Lyn Stone

How did you find the first part of the course? Let us know your lightbulb moments and of course anything further you’d like to find out about as a result of doing Part 1.