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Science of Learning, Reading and Writing Masterclass 5 (PD496)


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Science of Learning, Reading and Writing Masterclass 5, featuring esteemed experts Daisy Christodoulou, Ollie Lovell, and Peps Mccrea.

This masterclass series is designed to explore the latest research and evidence-based practices in the fields of learning, reading, and writing. Whether you are an educator, parent, or learner, this masterclass offers a unique opportunity to gain insights and practical strategies for improving learning outcomes. Join us as we delve into topics such as cognitive load theory, vocabulary instruction, and effective writing instruction.

In a series of videos, Daisy, Ollie, and Peps will deliver two 75 minute live talks each.

You can join us live (but be aware that this is UK-friendly timing, due to two of our guests being from there), or you can wait for the recordings around one week from each live event.

To spare what’s left of Ollie’s sleep time, his talks, on September 6 and 13 will be at the slightly later time of 10pm (London time).

You will then be enrolled on an online course that will unfold over the six weeks our speakers are presenting, and then a further six weeks to consolidate your learning.

No other courses are like this. Our live/recorded hybrid, coupled with quizzes, handouts, useful links and real time moderation make this unique.

Join thousands of educators worldwide to truly broaden and deepen your teaching knowledge.

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Speaker details

Daisy Christodoulou: "The science of writing: what does research & assessment tell us about teaching writing?"

Daisy Christodoulou is Director of Education at No More Marking, a provider of online comparative judgement assessments. She works closely with schools in the UK, Australia and USA on developing new approaches to assessing and teaching writing.

Before that, she was Head of Assessment at Ark Schools, a network of academy schools.  She has taught English in two London comprehensives and has been part of UK government commissions on the future of teacher training and assessment.

Daisy is the author of Seven Myths about Education, Making Good Progress? The future of Assessment for Learning, and Teachers vs Tech.

Daisy will be speaking on August 23 and 30 at 8pm (UK)

Tools for Teachers Masterclass with Ollie Lovell


Oliver (Ollie) Lovell is a maths teacher at Brighton Grammar school, senior researcher within the Crowther Centre, the host of the popular Education Research Reading Room, director of Steplab Australia. He is also the author of two books, Cognitive Load Theory in Action and Tools for Teachers. Ollie is an adjunct lecturer at LaTrobe University, is currently completing his PhD on the topic of self-regulated learning through the University of Freiburg, Germany.
Ollie will be speaking on September 5 and 12 (10pm UK time).

Peps Mccrea: “The science of motivation: how can we boost attention and effort in school?"

What is motivation for learning? How does it work? How can we influence it in the classroom? These sessions will offer a framework of big ideas from the evidence on motivation alongside key strategies we can use to boost attention and effort in the classroom.

Peps Mccrea is an award-winning teacher educator, designer and author. He is Dean of Learning Design at Ambition Institute, Director at Steplab, and author of the ultraconcise High Impact Teaching series. Peps has three Masters degrees, Fellowships from the Young Academy and University of Brighton, and lots of distracting tattoos. Visit for more.

Peps will be speaking on September 20 and 27 (8pm UK).

Access to each talk, all the handouts and resources is for 6 weeks. Your certificate is for 7.5 hours of elective professional learning upon completion.


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If Paying by Invoice

Please choose the invoice option and we will send you an invoice. To ensure your place, you will have seven days from invoice date to pay.