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Meet Lyn Stone

Lyn’s job is to use research, evidence and linguistics to produce programs, methods and texts for students, teachers and educators worldwide.

Lyn gained her linguistics degree at University College London and worked in a variety of speech and language settings in Australia since graduating in 1994.

She is also trained in Makaton, Auslan, Read Write Inc., Little Learners Love Literacy, Explicit Direct Instruction and Spalding.

Lyn has been in private practice since 1998 and has continued to train and mentor teachers whilst developing her linguistics-led learning programs.

Her busy tutoring practice has overseen the training and mentoring of many fine practitioners over the last two decades and continues to help hundreds of students in Australia and overseas of all ages fill their gaps in literacy. 

Lyn’s Jim Jam Gang series, developed free of charge over Covid lockdown since in 2020 has been viewed by tens of thousands of children and adults all over the world.

Lyn is an experienced public speaker with many radio and print media appearances.

These are her books:

<em>Language for Life</em> Book by Lyn Stone: Where linguistics meets teaching

Language for Life Book by Lyn Stone: Where linguistics meets teaching

We all recognize how important first impressions are, something often formed by how well we speak and write. Language for Life shows how language can be mastered by children and how what they have learned can be carried throughout their lives. This i…
<em>Reading for Life</em> Book by Lyn Stone: High quality literacy instruction for all

Reading for Life Book by Lyn Stone: High quality literacy instruction for all

Why is it that so many people can’t read and write? Why are there still so many vastly different methods of teaching literacy? Why do people still argue about it? Reading for Life examines these three questions, addressing the less evidence-supported…

Spelling for Life Book by Lyn Stone: Uncovering the simplicity and science of spelling

There is a myth that English spelling is unnecessarily complex. It is spread by those who don’t understand the writing system. Spelling for Life offers lucid, accessible tools which help to reveal that, when explicitly and systematically taught, spelling i…

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