Join Lyn Stone and her guest speakers in this unique series of talks and courses. 

Our live events take place throughout the year, and the footage is then converted to an asynchronous course that you can revisit in your own time.

The courses have quizzes, handouts and forums and your access is for three months.

Click on the pictures below to browse topics and speakers.

Each Masterclass and subsequent course access costs AUD$220.

Series 1

Series 2



  1. Ollie Lovell on Cognitive Load Theory
  2. Lyn Stone on Orthographic Mapping
  3. Lorraine Hammond on Explicit Instruction
  1. Tom Bennett on Creating a Classroom Culture where Everyone Thrives
  2. Lyn Stone on Grammar and Syntax
  3. Christopher Such on Reading Comprehension

Series 3

Series 4



The theme of these talks is ‘change’. Listen as these six change-makers talk about transforming systems, attitudes and approaches so that everyone wins!

In our final series for 2022, we will be discussing Individual Learning Plans (ILPs): How to write them, how to interpret psychologist reports to make the best of them, how to advocate for effective plans throughout a child’s academic career.

Speakers to be announced!