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We offer our courses in three ways: live online, live face to face or asynchronous. Our online offerings are perfect for regional and remote teachers and for those otherwise unable to attend live events. Do click on the links below to find out more about each course.

Asynchronous, on-demand, online courses

Give the gift of morphological awareness with this unique masterclass!

Research has shown that when children understand the morphemes that make up words, they become better readers and spellers. They also develop a greater appreciation for language and its complexities.

Lyn Stone’s Morphology Masterclass is a comprehensive three-part course that delves into the fascinating world of morphology and etymology. In this course, you will learn how to identify, analyse and teach the morphemes that make up words.

You can do this course at any time after June 29, 2023. Read the course description for more details.

Join Lyn Stone and her superb guests for three recorded Science of Reading and Learning Masterclasses. Watch the footage, join the forums and do the quizzes to deepen and broaden your understanding of literacy and learning. You will have three months per masterclass to access all the resources and videos, for the low price of AUD$544.50 (RRP AUD$660).

Bring our courses to your school.

Welcome to 2023, everyone! This year I am focusing on connection. I want to connect all of my fellow educators with the best possible resources for school improvement.

If your 2023 focus subjects are:

then you might want to consider a 12 month coaching package with Lyn Stone.

The package includes fixed costs, per head costs and discounts.

There are several ways that we can work together. Schools and school clusters often like to choose to have Lyn perform a number of roles, as her speciality is working within pre-existing systems and helping educators select and reject aspects of those systems to align more closely with the science of learning in general and the science of reading in particular.



• one in-person or Zoom-based full consulting day or two ½ days*

 one 60 minute Zoom consultation per term

* In-person consultations will also be subject to travel fees


  • 12 month licence for all staff on your focus course (listed above) @$150 pp (RRP $275)


  • 20% discount for all staff on all other Lifelong Literacy courses and webinars for 2023
  • 10% discount on 2024 package
  • highest possible discount on Lyn Stone’s books
  • negotiated discounts on other books/resources/conferences wherever possible


Lyn has extensive knowledge of and training in many of the current approaches to teaching literacy. She can comment on a very wide range of books, training and resources to help you make decisions about what’s working and not working in your school context.

Lyn is all about connection. If she doesn’t have the answer/resource, she knows where to find it and can often get discounts for you. Her finger is on the pulse of the best conferences, events and training and she will let you know what’s available and when so that you don’t miss out.

  • This is not a “set and forget” subscription package. This is active coaching on an exclusive basis.
  • This is not a scheme to lock you in to one brand. This is a partnership with an extremely well-connected expert in the field who has no trouble connecting you with the best in the business.

Contact us today or call us on 0434 11 55 48 for questions about our courses and services.